Today has got me thinking about the women who have inspired me on my Kake journey.

I salute you all:

My Great Aunt Daisy

 Aunt Daisy

I never really knew my mother’s Aunt Daisy but I did however know one of her sons who I came to know as Uncle Grandville who was her oldest son.  I found out after her death that she was a very good baker and indeed was responsible for my mum and dad’s wedding cake as featured in the picture.  That was when I knew it was in the blood.

Joanne Carberry – Jo Carberry Design

 Jo is my cousin by marriage but I view her as my cousin by blood.  She used to make celebration cakes for me and my children and encouraged me to take up a course to learn and has encouraged me ever since.

Colette Emeruwa – Double-Take Cakes UK

My former tutor who always taught and encouraged her students to think outside of the box when designing a cake.  She is always on hand to give tips and advice even though she teaches and runs her very own cake business.  She is always telling me off for not emphasizing that I am an award winner and has told me on the odd occasion that she is a fan of my work which I am very chuffed about J

Jessica Harris

This is the lady who I admire for showing in her tutorials the art of using simple clean designs to create a cake.  I have yet to use any of her techniques but I plan on doing so very very soon.  Saying that I am sure that it was a tutorial of hers that gave me tips on improving my tree bark effect on a cake design.

Lauren Kitchens

Probably the first cake artist to draw me into the world of faux food cakes.  It was after watching her tutorial on gravity defying cakes that I created my very first gravity defying pancake cake.  I have more to learn from her and intend to do so.

Liz Marek – Sugar Geeks/Artisan Cake Company

Liz Marek

This multiple award winning cake lady I missed out on meeting her at Cake International in Birmingham last year. I subscribe to her website monthly but I am now behind on watching all of her tutorials.  As a Sugar Geek I applaud her work and also it is through this lady that took it upon myself to create my first ever bust cake.  This was in fact the Fly Girl Cake that I did for my sister’s birthday last year.  There are so many things I want to try after watching her videos I’m afraid that I will not find the time to try them all.  Hoping that one day she will do a workshop in the UK.

Jacqui Kelly – Food Artist Totally Sugar

Jacqui Kelly

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this lady and her work.  Multiple Award Winning Artist, has also previously won Best In Show at Cake International but is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met.  Pumpking Jack was inspired by her methods on producing  a gruesome face.  She is another artist who is constantly thinking out of the box and I am dying to do one of her workshops.

Sarah King – Cake Artist  Caking It

Sarah King work


Another cake artist that I absolutely love.  The first time I met her was over a year ago when I was introduced to Jack (see pic above) and also was shown how to make a cake using the support system she used for the very same cake.  I think of her as Queen of the Bobble Head cakes but only 2 or three weeks ago she drew me back into faux food cakes after her demo at the BSG on creating a Chinese takeaway amongst other things has inspired me for future pieces that I intend to create in the next couple of weeks.

Yolanda Gaamp – How to Cake It

Yolanda Gaamp

I was virtually introduced to this lady online by another cake artist who shared one of her YouTube videos. This woman is sooooo bubbly and fun whilst being a truly creative cake artist in her own right, that I subscribed to her videos straight away. I guess I’m one of her YOLOs *chuckles*.  Based in Toronto Canada where some of my extended family reside…I would love to meet her in person and also meet the people she talks to behind the camera in her vids loool.  Maybe she will be at Cake International this year…………

Shalomi Guthrie-Marshall

This lady will probably be surprised to see her name on my list.  She is incredible and I occasionally name her Ms UK Cake Boss lol.  I am sooo looking forward to seeing her compete for the first time this year.  I anticipate great things for her future.

Glenice Lake

 Glenice is one of my close friends who I met initially online via Facebook.  We have a lot in common considering the challenges we have to face in our lives.  She is strong, courageous, genourous, funny and is also very supportive.   She has been one of my supporters in my cake journey and not only has she been a good customer she has also been a great taster of mine *laughs out loud* and I will never forget how she blames me for her love of cake! *laughs out loud again*

Glenice Allison

Glenice Allison

I know her as Nubs!  Bwoooy what can I say about this phenomenal woman!!!  This woman definitely should have the S symbol tattooed on her back and front!……..TOTALLY INSPIRING….TOTALLY ENCOURAGING……TOTALLY AND UTTERLY SMART………TOTALLY GIVING YOU THE KICK UP THE BACKSIDE WHEN YOU NEED IT AND IS A TOTALLY POSITIVE INDIVIDUAL.  This woman along with Glenice Lake stepped in when procrastination was at its peak for me resulting in the creation of my business cards in the space of an afternoon which I received a day later!!  I love her to bits and if we lived in the same city she would probably see more of me.


…and Last BUT BY NO MEANS least…



Seen here with the Fly Girl Cake that I made for her 40th birthday last year……..Words cannot describe the love, respect and admiration that I have for my sister Viv.  My ultimate best friend and although we live on separate continents it does not feel like it at all.  This woman is always encouraging me, challenging me, inspiring me and also looks out for me and her nephews.  Love you sis xxx

And there you have it….the women who come to mind with regards to my cake journey (which is 2 years and counting) on International Womens Day.   Couldn’t obtain pics of all of them… however…let me know who are your inspirational women