Cake International – Birmingham 2016


Has a week flown by already!!  Only now I remembered to do a blog about my experience last weekend at the biggest and brightest Cake Competition in the land!!

For those of you who are unaware…Cake International is a cake decorating and sugarcraft show currently held 3 times a year (twice in Birmingham and one in London).  Cake artists from around the globe come to this event for numerous reasons including to compete in the scheduled competitions.

Birmingham is the location for the first ever Cake International back in 1994 and this event has grown ever since.  In fact last weekend saw record entries for the competitions so much so that the judging of all categories was not completed until after 4pm on the first day!!

The Autumn show in Birmingham for me has always been the biggest and the best of all 3 shows and it also holds fond memories for me as it is the show that signified my first ever entry into the competitions (student class) back in 2014.  To my surprise that year I received my first bronze award for my ‘Pumpkin Jack’ cake (see pic below).

Pumpkin Jack
Archangel Urial

Last year I made a mistake with my Archangel Urial which resulted in it being ‘not to schedule’ as it was less than 1cm above the max height for that particular class…but as with most mistakes you learn from them.

This years CI in Birmingham did not disappoint.  There were so many inspirational pieces on display that I did not have enough time to view all of them!

As with all CIs I go to and enter the competitions at the show for both the experience and to learn from others.  It also allows me to challenge myself further.

This time around I did something I had never done before….enter more than one competition!!  How I managed to find the time to do so is beyond me…but I did.  This time I entered the ‘Sculpted Novelty Cake’ and ‘Decorative Piece’ competitions and came away with 2 bronze awards!!

Chinese Platter

This piece was made with the use of marble cake, sugarpaste, mexican paste and maple syrup.

Warrior Turtle

This turtle was originally created with my youngest son in mind.  It is chocolate cake filled and coated with chocolate ganache from the neck downwards and my youngest could not wait for his return home. 😂  My favourite part of this character is his shell which I took a picture of when setting up.


I’m still buzzing from the fact that both pieces got an award and I’m already planning on my next entry or two for London in April.

Roll on 2017….❤